• To establish family prayer cells through out rural India. One survey estimates that there are around 7000 villages (Andhra & Telangana states) without a church. We pray that God will soften the hearts of the locals so that we can build more churches for the new believers. 


  • To spread the Gospel through the publication and distribution of Christian literature. Presently we are concentrating on several unreached areas in India. A recent survey estimates that 400 million people in India never heard the name of Jesus once in their lifetime. We are focusing on reaching them in the next coming five years through different mediums like Television, Radio and literature. We are aiming to reach 3 million unbelievers in the next five years.

  • To care for the needs of poor and needy. We are regularly conducting small group meetings to know the prayer needs of the new believers. 


  • To provide ART drugs to HIV/AIDS mothers and children. We are also involved in feeding the poor and Leprosy infected people.


  • To educate people against the social evils of alcoholism, dowry and domestic violence through street folk shows and short films. 


  • To educate about the dangers of Abortion (ethical and health) We believe that life starts at conception and we encourage and educate women against the dangers of aborting in an unconventional method (By Law abortion is Illegal in India).